CoatChecker -
Optimum coatings on the construction site

> Recognition of quality features
> Reduction of material consumption
> Protection against liability claims

Measure the layer thickness - 
For optimum layers in the construction industry

For craftsmen

When processing liquid plastics, the layer thickness is not visible after processing. However, you still have to comply exactly with your client's specifications regarding the coating thickness. With the CoatChecker, you can determine the layer thickness in both dry and wet conditions - i. e. immediately after application of the coating - and carry out rework without complications.

For architects

Their liability as architects goes beyond what is commonly assumed. Within the scope of construction supervision, you must also prove the correct processing of liquid plastics. By measuring the coating thickness with the CoatChecker, which is also suitable for fully cured coatings, you can prevent possible liability claims.

For experts

In connection with damage to the construction site caused by improper processing of liquid plastics, liability claims are increasing rapidly. The Coatchecker is a simple and reliable tool for testing all coatings in the construction industry.